John Pezaris



Once Upon a Time, by Eve Bunting, photographs by John Pezaris,
``Meet the Author'' Series, Richard C. Owen Publishers,
Katonah, New York, 1995. ISBN 1-878450-59-X.


Grekia, Maliotis Cultural Center, Brookline, Massachusetts, April 1995.

Neo, Cambridge Center Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts, September 1993.

Blurry Pink, Wiesner Student Art Gallery, MIT, Cambridge, November 1991.

Boats and Other Things, Cambridge Brewing Company, Cambridge, May 1991.

Pictures of Greece, Equinox Hair Design, Newbury Street, Boston, October 1990.

Virtual Showings

Pooka Stew

Rust and Fruit


Athens 2004

CD Covers

Pooka Stew, Pooka Stew, 1994. (Official Band Web Site)